The importance of customer centricity in financial services

cm-814-448 Thumbnail-Tim Kings_KKThe importance of putting the customer at the heart of everything you do has long been discussed, but just when you think you’ve understood what they want, and how best to look after them, they evolve. Customer behaviours and expectations have changed dramatically over the last decade, and a new type of customer is emerging – one that is confident, better informed and connected. These digitally empowered customers expect credit providers to deliver services on par with the best experiences from other industries.

If an evolution of your customers wasn’t challenging enough – the entire financial services ecosystem is extending; new entrants are disrupting the market, new partnerships are forming and new propositions are materialising, and regulators are challenging you to demonstrate your customers are getting the right outcomes. It’s extremely unlikely that we’ve reached any kind of endpoint. The world of finance is transforming.

Successful organisations will be those who can truly put the customer at the centre of what they do, and have a complete, real time picture of each individual.  But how exactly do credit providers achieve the holy grail of a holistic customer view?

Watch our short video to see how Experian are innovating to help you achieve a more complete, real time, and accurate picture of each individual.











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