Jun 2020 | Credit Decisions | Affordability Checks, Decisioning
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In the past, interactions between customers and businesses happened face to face, or on the phone

This was true of every kind of transaction, from applying for a mortgage in a bank branch to cashing a cheque, purchasing insurance, or a phone, and everything in between. Today though, digital technologies have changed all that.

But while customers can access a vast array of services online or on their mobile devices, they still crave the personal touch, and choose their providers based on the quality and convenience of their digital experiences.

This makes it essential for you to build loyalty based on customer-centric digital strategies.

In fact, our recent research commissioned through Forrester Consulting found that ‘improving customer experiences’ and ‘increasing trust and satisfaction’ are both within organisations’ top five priorities.

Explored in this paper:

  • The digital transformation vision versus today’s reality
  • Take the next step on your transformation journey
  • Delivering great digital customer experiences

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