Turn ambition into achievement – Top 5 tips!

Jamil Qureshi shared his top 5 tips of ‘turning ambition into achievement’ when he presented at our last Credit Excellence Workshop

It is fair to say that pretty much everyone is looking to start or stop doing something to improve their health, wealth or some other aspect of their lives. Credit professionals – who play a vital role greasing the wheels of commerce and improving the profitability of their employers – are no different. See his top 5 tips below:

1. Develop your inner dialogue

Humans think then feel then act. Our thoughts dictate our feelings and therefore our actions, so smart managers seek to change the mental words and pictures associated with a task to affect how people feel about it. People are motivated by things they wish to either achieve or avoid. Your inner dialogue should focus in the positive contribution you make to the world, rather than defining yourself by the products you sell or your job title.

2. Remember “Event + Reaction = Outcome”

This simple equation recognises the inevitability that bad things happen and that those who perform at exceptional levels tend to react positively when faced with them. People are bad at unravelling uncertainty or complexity. Success is never about circumstances or situations, it is about choice and good choices will drive the best opportunities and outcomes for you and your business.

3. Don’t let beliefs inhibit your potential

It is proven that humans delete, distort and filter information based on their beliefs. Everything new that is worth having was made by someone with a mindset for change. The best performers in business and sport are incredibly open minded, accepting the world as neither good nor bad, but simply as it is. Recognise that the world you experience is merely a reflection of the way you see it. The evidence may not change, but your angle and perspective on the world can do.

4. Find purpose in your life

Purpose is the reason we get out of bed in the morning, even though it’s never truly achieved it can at least be attained on a daily basis. People go to work for all sorts of reasons. Identifying these reasons and aligning them to a common organisational purpose will drive the greatest motivation and results. Talk to your colleagues to get to the root of the challenges and opportunities your businesses face.

5. Know that the price of success is paid in full and in advance.

There are two things in life that hold us back: our beliefs and our fears. Often these are misplaced. Beliefs, as we have already discussed, can blinker our outlook and we spend half of our lives worrying about things that won’t happen. Everything is learnt by repeatedly failing at things. As we get older we don’t like to fail and too often avoid taking a chance on progress for fear of failing again.

Who is Jamil Qureshi?

Jamil Qureshi - Performance Psychologist

Jamil Qureshi – Performance Psychologist

Jamil Qureshi is the master of high performance psychology working with top sportsmen around the world. He works with talent across the board from fighter pilots to medical teams as well as with business leaders – in over 24 different countries last year alone. He helps teams to fulfil their potential by orchestrating change and performance programmes – he has worked at board level with some major brand names.

What is the Experian Credit Excellence Workshop?

The Credit Excellence Workshop is an all day event that is aimed at commercial credit professionals and will provide an invaluable opportunity to network with peers, focus on self-development and hear from those leading the way in Commercial Credit Management best practice.