The Gambling Commission has announced new rules

These new rules strengthen the requirements for online gambling operators to verify the age and identity of their customers, with these changes taking effect from 7th May 2019.

The new rules will ensure operators verify customers’ age and identity details faster, preventing underage gambling and protect vulnerable players.

Under the current guidelines, online gambling operators can take up to 72 hours to carry out age verification checks. Unverified users may gamble during this time period but cannot withdraw any winnings until after their age is verified, which may require further proof of identity checks.

With the new changes, operators must verify the age of the player before allowing access to their site. Unverified users won’t be able to deposit any funds into their account, use any free-to-play games, or receive free bets or bonuses upon registering. These changes mean a reduction in time to prove identity is required in order to maintain a frictionless onboarding journey, allowing customers the fastest possible access to paid services.

The new legislation also requires licencees who offer online channels to:

– Verify, as a minimum, the name, address and date of birth of a customer before allowing them to gamble or deposit funds;
– Ask for any additional verification information promptly;
– Inform customers, before they can deposit funds, of:

a. the types of identity documents or other information that might be required;
b. the circumstances in which the information might be required;
c. how it should be supplied to the licensee

– Take reasonable steps to ensure that information on their customers’ identities remains accurate.

Experian’s extensive identity and fraud solutions have the capabilities required to verify the age of a consumer quickly and seamlessly, helping you to adhere to incoming legislation, selling your products to customers of the appropriate age, all without disrupting the onboarding journey for genuine customers.

The new rules come into operation on 7 May and will mean stricter age verification – are you prepared?