There are many challenges that organisations face when it comes to identifying and onboarding customers, particularly if they’re new-to-country or international consumers.

Knowing how to maintain the right balance between fraud prevention and a smooth customer experience can be tricky, particularly when international data can be sparse and unreliable.

Having a thin-file, being new-to-country or living outside of the UK can often be a stumbling block in accessing services in the UK. Experian’s International ID Verification provides access to global data sources covering over 50 countries, increasing acceptance at the point of origination and maximising your potential customer base which helps to grow your revenue and business.

Experian’s International Identity Verification helps you to:

  • Complete an ID check – Extensive data is critical for any customer onboarding journey to mitigate any fraud or financial crime risks and ensure you truly know your customer. Having trusted international data to complete checks across your entire customer base is now an essential need when onboarding customers whether they are new to country or international.
  • Comply with regulation – Organisation’s must ensure they are meeting their regulatory requirements by completing the necessary KYC and AML checks on their customer base. Reliable international data enables them to meet this need
  • Improve the customer experience – Having access to international data enables you to offer the same digital, frictionless experience to all customers, whether they are based in the UK or not. Not only does this help to reduce drop outs, it also ensures you are treating all customers with the same, fair process.
  • Maximise customer base – Being able to accept as many ‘good’ customers as possible whether they are national or international, based inside or outside of the UK enables you to maximise your customer base and scale your business quickly.

We have a breadth of trusted international data assets and specialised analytics expertise to support you every step of the way. Experian can be your trusted partner to support your businesses identity and fraud needs.

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