The rise of digital created certain expectations about how much easier the digital journey should be for the customer. In reality the customer experience has often been the opposite. Customers are being asked to provide lots of information creating points of friction for them.

The next phase of digital should be about streamlining the process for customers. What could you eliminate from the process, and what could you pre-populate, to improve the digital customer experience and cut down on pain points?


I think we, as a Society, have an expectation that Digitisation was going to make our lives easier and give us lots more free time.

The reality has really been almost the opposite. What Digital has done is given us all these emails and all this ability to work faster and harder rather than giving us more free time to do what we want.

I think the next phase of Digital as it evolves really that is what people are going to be focussed in on is how do we make life for the customer easier and simpler.

For a lot of Companies that is about starting to look at your processes and saying what can we eliminate from that process that is really a point of struggle or a point of friction and for your customer as they engage with your business.

In a lot of Companies are probably in a place that a lot of that is to do with gathering data. A lot of processes ask you to give an awful lot of information when in reality you could probably pre populate that from someplace else.

What we are doing at the moment from a kind of business perspective is engaging with these companies to say there is a lot of data available that can start to eliminate some of these points of pain that you have got in your process to be in a place where you can build and develop a far better customer experience.

I think it is about focussing on that in the first instance to start developing your digital strategy out.