Direct Mail
May 2022 | Fraud Prevention
By Posted by John Griffiths

The current cost-of-living crisis is being felt by consumers up and down the country.

But this isn’t just a consumer issue. Increasing costs in energy, fuel and supplies is also challenging UK small businesses, many of whom will have already been hit hard by the impact of the pandemic.

If you missed our latest Commercial Insights Webinar, you can re-watch it on-demand above. We uncovered the severity of the cost-of-living-crisis for UK small businesses and use our commercial bureau data to provide insight into how the commercial market is responding. We explored:

  • Current macroeconomic trends impacting small businesses
  • Lending patterns and volumes
  • Evolving credit scores
  • Business’ ability to pay back existing credit
  • Rising first-party fraud amongst small businesses

Using this data, we can help shine a light on which segments with your portfolio may be at higher risk and in need of further support.