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Sep 2022 | Fraud detection | Fraud Prevention

Our infographic details how consumers and businesses perceive behavioural biometrics, as well as how companies are investing in security technologies.

Thumbnail showing behavioural biometrics infographic. Text version below.

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Text version:

Behavioural biometrics is becoming a key anti-fraud technology


  • 82% of UK and 81% of Ireland trust behavioural biometrics to protect them from fraud
  • 55% of UK consumers and 44% in Ireland say behavioural biometrics increases their opinion of a business


  • 91% of UK businesses and 89% of businesses in Ireland trust behavioural biometrics for fraud protection

Security technologies:

Behavioural biometrics is a major target for investment among UK and Ireland companies (alongside other key security technologies):

  • Behavioural biometrics – 12% (UK), 17% (Ireland)
  • Device-in-hand solutions that use one-time passcodes or push notifications – 20% (UK), 30% (Ireland)
  • Physical biometrics, including fingerprint, facial or voice recognition or retina scanning – 15% (UK), 20% (Ireland)
  • Two-factor or multi-factor authentication – 12% (UK), 23% (Ireland)

For more insights on the latest ID and fraud prevention technologies and trends, download the full report here.