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May 2022 | Fraud Prevention | Fraud

Download the latest fraud stats from Q1 2022

Fraud never goes away. It never stops – it’s ever-evolving and changing. Keeping on top of the latest trends enables you to make informed decisions around your fraud strategy. Our quarterly fraud index report shows the latest market insights and trends we saw during Q1 2022.

Overall fraud in Q1 2022 has shown us that card fraud remained high following its 5 year peak in Q4 2021. Saving Accounts show a large decrease over the previous quarter and loans have again reached a height last seen in Q3 2021 which at the time was the highest rate seen for 3 years.

First Party Fraud

Tristan Prince, Fraud Product Director, discusses insights into first party fraud in Q1 2022. For more information, download our Quarterly Fraud Index Report.

Mortgage Market Fraud

James Torselli, Fraud Product Manager discusses the fraud trends we are seeing in the mortgage market. For more information, download our Quarterly Fraud Index Report.


To learn more, download our Q1 Fraud Index Report now.


Download the Fraud Index Report for more insights and trends

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