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Did you know around 23,000 suspicious addresses exist in Companies House records?

Our research shows that UK companies’ exposure to EU defined high-risk third countries has grown by 116% in the last 3 years with significant growth year on year.

Transaction data is often monitored in isolation, as are adverse markers. By bringing them together Experian can create important context. Only now can we see the stark oddities; a business with in-flows and out-flows of £45m, with a £2.2 modelled turnover, where the director has changed nationality, is associated to EU defined high-risk country and where the business is born from a formation agent linked to 800 suspicious addresses. Something doesn’t quite add up.

By using these adverse markers and transactional data to add additional context, we can help to more readily detect and prevent financial crime.

Companies we identified with risk

2019 – 19,000 companies

2020 – 29,000 companies

2021 – 40,000 companies

Around 23,000 suspicious addresses exist in Companies House records

View the full highlights of our research in this infographic