Sep 2020 | Fraud Prevention | Fraud

Financial crime prevention

Across the UK, banks are developing financial crime transformation programmes that strategically monitor their commercial portfolios in new ways. There’s a genuine intent to actively manage financial crime risk and combat money laundering by continually watching for data changes and events, rather than running full reviews on a fixed, periodic basis.

We call this strategy event-driven review, and at Experian it’s an agile, always-on approach we really believe in. Having helped a Tier 1 bank become the first in the market to achieve it, we’ve built a genuine
appreciation not just of the challenges involved, but of the sizeable operational benefits it can bring when implemented well.

Our solution enabled our client to reduce headcount by 1,000 and make annual operational savings of over £50m. It also transformed the customer experience, using internal, external and open-data sources to digitally populate over 80% of the Know Your Business questions being posed to customers.

Leveraging our considerable experience, Experian can build the data foundations in just 6 weeks, enabling our clients to realise the benefit within months of project commencement. We’re helping them meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and improve customer journeys, and we’d like to help you do the same.

In this paper, we’ll share our experiences and insights, including a case study of our successful Tier 1 banking project. We’ll explore what’s needed for effective event-driven reviews, explain how they work and take a step-by-step look at what makes the Experian process so powerful.

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