45% of players are already engaged in mobile gaming

Increased functionality and affordability of mobile devices has expanded the reach, use and availability of gaming sites. Consumers are now in the driving seat and with the World Wide Web more readily at their fingertips, 24/7; they’re looking for fast and convenient operators to interact with.

Analysts predict that 2014 is likely to be a tipping point, given the exponential explosion in demand for mobile, hand-held devices and high-end smartphones. Experts predict that more than 260 million new tablets and large-screen smartphones will be sold this year alone. Further research indicates that a third of betting and gaming consumers use their smartphone for mobile gaming and an additional 16% use a tablet to gamble online  – that’s nearly half of your customer base using mobile devices to visit your sites*.

So, with increasing numbers of players interacting with you through their mobile devices, there is a drive for faster, easier, ‘friction-free’ access to your online services, and this includes your sign-up processes.

Mobiles and hand-held devices offer enormous opportunities for gaming providers and a host of innovations are already proving to be of huge benefit in keeping gaming operators compliant with regulatory requirements, whilst supporting increased on-boarding rates.

In particular, the ability to allow customers from across the world to submit proof of identity documents from their mobile device, rather than being obliged to rely on lengthy and manual identity checks, has become a valuable asset in successfully driving-up gaming providers customer bases, whilst supporting compliance with KYC regulations.

*Source: Mintel Oct 2013

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