Aviva investing in fight against underwriting fraud

Aviva’s specialist front-line fraud team is rolling out our fraud screening tool Hunter, across personal motor and van policies in its broker and partnerships channel. It will help identify opportunistic fraud, protect its customers from organised crime, ghost-broking and help reduce the impact of fraud on premiums. 

Underwriting fraud is carried out in a range of ways. From individuals providing fraudulent personal details, such as postcode or age, in order to gain a cheaper premium, to organised criminals looking to set up multiple bogus policies and pocket innocent customers’ money.

Aviva’s dedicated underwriting fraud team is based in Norwich and Glasgow. The expert team carries out investigations on referrals and where necessary may request further verification through brokers for information such as proof of address, identity verification and vehicle registration documentation. As a result of any investigation the team will cancel or void proven or suspected fraudulent policies.

Hunter  will provide the fraud team with linked analysis functionality that cross-matches corporate and external data, and highlights policies that require further investigation. Policies are screened at new business, renewal and mid-term to help detect ghost-broking, organised and opportunistic fraud at policy touch-points.

Anne Green, head of underwriting fraud at Aviva, said: “By making sure that the risks we underwrite are genuine we are protecting the vast majority of our honest customers who can have confidence that their policy accurately reflects their needs.

“In addition, addressing the issues around underwriting fraud means we’ll be faster at settling genuine claims and will reduce the opportunity for organised criminal activity, such as ghost broking.

“We are focused on creating an industry-leading approach to managing fraud holistically and I am confident we have the capability and expertise in place to tackle this issue across both claims and underwriting.

“The message to fraudsters is clear – there is no place for them at Aviva.”

To find out more about Hunter, please click here.