Boylesports renews contract for age and identity verification

Ireland’s largest independent bookmaker and online betting company Boylesports, has extended its contract with us to provide age and identity checks for its users.

Our service helps prevent underage gaming and protect against the risk of identity fraud, with automated identity verification tools Prove-ID, integrated into Boylesports’ online platform, enabling operators to quickly and easily check player identities, conduct age checks and verify payment details in real-time.  For gamers, the automated service means an improved experience as genuine customers are verified quickly and efficiently.

Prove-ID allows Boylesports to select which criteria it checks against, ensuring that identity verifications are accurate and robust. The purpose-built user interface also delivers simplified results, highlighting if there is a problem in the verification process. By determining the authenticity of customers, fraud levels will also be mitigated.

Linda Gray, Customer Services Manager at Boylesports, says creating an efficient identity verification process is essential for building a trusted and reputable brand – particularly amid growth and expansion into international markets. To find out more, please click here.