The Business Debate: An array of risks with a multitude of guises

Each and every day businesses face the continual undertaking of assessing an array of risks, which could directly impact their business, changing day by day. These risks present themselves in multitude of guises.

Experian has contributed to ‘The Business Debate’, which provides a series of thought-provoking interviews from industry experts, around the topic of risk management.

Let’s take data breach as an example. As people we are leaving increasing digital footprints, whilst criminals are shifting their focus more and more from physical to cybercrime. Criminals continue to seek out the lower risk opportunities, which provide the greatest return on investment.

Data breach trends continue to highlight ‘insider threat’ as a risk for businesses. Put simply, this can present itself through employees who have misplaced their laptops or paperwork, or inadvertently opened an infected file or link, potentially resulting in a data breach. Tactically, the risks for businesses are evolving and broadening each day.

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