Catering for the avid tech-savvy online gamer

It’s vital for online gaming platforms to make transactions as fast, smooth and simple as possible for customers – without compromising on their safety, compliance, or the level of site security.

As ever the critical challenge for any online gaming business is in optimising validation and age checks, while striking the right balance between security, compliance, vigilance and a good customer experience.

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Industry innovations are already proving to be a huge benefit to reducing customer drop-off rates, particularly online platforms such as our Autodoc-ID solution, which allows players to directly submit proof of identity in an instant, by taking a photo of documents on their smartphone or other device, rather than being obliged to rely on lengthy, manual and paper-based checks.

For example, take Tom. He’s a typical tech-savvy and avid online gamer. You name it he plays it. One of the things that Tom hates in life is having to wait. Time spent waiting is time wasted in Tom’s view. Anything that can make his life easier and faster is welcomed and speed is often a deciding factor in purchase decisions. If Tom is kept waiting for too long he is likely to quit and go somewhere else.

Quick on-boarding is crucial when catering for a customer like Tom. He demands a fast process and providing him with one is imperative, otherwise he’s likely to head to a competitor. To provide Tom with the experience he wants gaming companies need to have fast processes – from on-boarding to game load times.

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