Cementing global customer insight

Selling across borders has become crucial and is now virtually mandatory for most retailers looking to increase revenues and international income streams.

And while it’s great to see orders pouring in from across the globe, all retailers want the confidence that their new customers are who they say they are.

To help meet demand, our international data coverage has been extended with the latest additions being introduced for Denmark and Netherlands for Prove ID.

As a result, we can continue supporting your international expansion and increasing global customer acquisition.

What’s your company’s next destination? For instance our international Prove ID verification platform covers:


  • Name and address check
  • DoB validation
  • 100% coverage – from birth
  • 5.5 million records
  • Deceased and ‘gone away’ data


  • Name & address check
  • DoB validation
  • 85% coverage – for over-18s
  • 11 million records
  • Phone number validation

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