Three-month Council Tax fraud analysis recovers more than £220,000 for the public purse…

Arun District Council wanted a quick, straightforward and cost-effective solution to accurately gauge and verify the level of suspected discount fraud across its Council Tax database. The authority opted to bring its analysis in-house with us following a previous disappointing managed service outsourced to a third-party.

In all, a total of 24,000 council tax accounts were analysed and segmented in high, medium and low-risk categories.

Of these, only the high and medium risk cases were investigated, resulting in 550 discounts being cancelled.

This increased the council tax base by an additional £220,000 per year. The result benefits both Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council, who are able to pass on this benefit to their residents.

Handling the case work proved straightforward for Arun’s staff, with investigators simply slotting in an extra 10 cases per week.

Staff also worked in tandem with our CitizenView platform, underpinned by the UK’s largest Credit Bureau to better understand individual circumstances.

They were supported throughout by their dedicated public sector account manager and a member of our Identity and Fraud team, so any specific questions or challenges could be quickly and easily resolved.

The results speak for themselves. But to see the story in full click here for the case study or see our info-graphic.