Their data breach – your problem

Almost daily we read about scary data breaches, there have been some massively high profile cases.  We greet each with a combination of horror and thankfulness that it’s not us that’s let peoples’ valuable, personal data out into the wild – phew! It’s not our business problem… Is it? Unfortunately their data breach may well be your security problem. Why?

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People are not using unique login information

We are all managing multiple logins, from bank accounts to online shopping, to a cheeky bit of gambling.  We have numerous accounts – and we’re often using the same login information for them.

Some information we will always need to use, such as our names. Other information is the default questions of service providers – mother’s maiden name, the name of your favourite pet, the last school you attended. For each person these questions always have the same answer.

Then there are passwords – people frequently use the same password across multiple accounts – it’s so much easier than trying to remember multiple passwords.

When a data breach happens…

When a data breach happens this information becomes available to criminals.  It doesn’t matter how securely you were keeping your data, they have the details for your customers and they intend to use them.

There are solutions – click here to watch our recorded webinar “offering your customers a better, safer digital journey”.

I’ll be posting another blog soon looking at how linking your customers and the devices they use, will help you avoid the issues created by other companies’ data breaches.