Enfield Council cuts arrears by £1.3 million

We have helped Enfield Council pioneer a new collections strategy which has resulted in a £1.3 million reduction in customer debt during the past 12 months. Within the first year of adopting our offering, Enfield Council reduced its customer debt – primarily council tax arrears – by £1.3 million, helping to reverse the increase in outstanding revenue as household budgets continue to feel the pinch of economic hardship.

Thanks to the intelligent use of accurate customer insight, Enfield Council was able to make informed decisions that improved the efficiency of its processes, allowing the organisation to maintain its customer service focus while ensuring arrears were significantly reduced.

In total, across England, council tax arrears are in excess of £2.3 billion – equivalent to approximately 10 per cent of all revenues collected by local authorities for council tax.  London arrears alone equate to £641 million, reflecting 28% of all arrears in England.

Enfield Council employed Experian’s Debt Prioritisation Service (DPS) to improve its arrears recovery processes, enabling the identification of collectable revenues and informing appropriate debt recovery actions for residents of the London borough. The software ensures the local authority safeguards vulnerable customers by segmenting them accordingly to make personalised and appropriate debt recovery decisions, based upon their individual circumstances. In the last 12 months – and for the first time in six years – Enfield’s arrears have fallen, from £30.5 million to £29.2 million, a drop of 4.4%. To find out more, please click here.