Experts on #FutureofID – What do you see as the benefits of giving everyone a digital identity?

Everyone should have the ability to prove their identity online and offline. But at the same time, our rapidly emerging digital world should be fully inclusive.

At Experian, we’re working hard to get to the bottom of the issue of whether online identity can ever be truly inclusive, which is why we’ve recently run a live #FutureofID debate asking the industry experts a series of challenging questions. Question number one was around the benefits of giving everyone a digital identity.


Benefits of giving everyone a digital identity

In general, experts have agreed that the core benefits of giving everyone a digital identity would include increased security, further financial inclusion, giving more people a chance to conveniently transact online and over the phone. Q1: @ID_and_Fraud #FutureofID #inclusion — Neira Jones (@neirajones) June 14, 2016



Security concerns over Digital Identity

Security however was a benefit that had raised a strong debate among the experts, with some experts wondering whether anything can be fully secure at all.

Digital Identity across the globe…

A multinational perspective was also strongly considered throughout the debate, with experts referencing Estonia and India as pioneering digital identity initiatives.

We’d like to thank all of our experts for joining the online debate: Martina DoverNeira JonesArjun Medhi@tweetwithjonnyRichard Howells and Jonathan Williams. Watch this space and #FutureofID on twitter for future questions, follow @id_and_fraud on twitter to be up to date with the latest industry news, as well as join our debates and have your say on whether online identity can be truly fully inclusive: