Plug into our interactive fraud prevention benchmark

We believe in a forward-looking approach to fraud mitigation and it is one that will prevent against financial loss, enrich customer relationships and drive growth.

Most fraud reports favour outlinfraud-preventioning how fraudsters get around current systems and how businesses should best fortify themselves against any vulnerabilities.

But it’s a tactical approach which will not outpace fraud.

That’s why our new report Global business trends – protecting growth ambitions against rising fraud threats, is ground-breaking. It’s designed and written with business executives and fraud professionals in mind and offers new insights on how the alignment of strategies for business growth and fraud prevention can help, while managing risks in an increasingly virtual world. To get a copy, simply click here.

As a companion to the report, we’ve also launched an interactive Fraud Prevention Benchmark tool which allows companies to see how trends are impacting their business and how the performance of their approach measures up against industry practices. To find out how your company compares, take a look by simply clicking here.