We really won’t wait!

A recent survey by Interparcel.com1 was reported in the Telegraph on 27th Jan (click here), this showed just how impatient the UK public are – we’re really not willing to wait for anything! 

This report looked at a wide variety of behaviours and how long are customers willing to wait; 10 seconds for a webpage to load, 13 minutes waiting for a bus and 24 minutes waiting for food in a restaurant are just a few examples.

The implications of the limits to our patience can be felt by the organisations supplying us. Experian carried out research in the summer of 20142 which showed 34% of people who were applying for a financial product or service online reported having had a frustrating experience. Worryingly for the financial services organisations supplying them 41% of people claimed that such an experience would make them less likely to interact with that provider again.

Balancing great customer experience with fighting fraud is a big issue for many organisations and we’ve discussed it at our ‘coffee break’ webinar on 5th Feb, ‘Offering a Better, Safer Digital Journey’ click here to watch a recording of our webinar.

1A study of 2,000 people, by parcel and postage comparison website Interparcel.com, January 2015
2 Experian/Opinium research with 2002 adults from 11th – 16th June 2014