Managing the regulators in a volatile market

Daniel Almenara is a Client Consulting Director with Experian’s Global Consulting Practice. He puts financial institutions’ escalating pressure, new challenges and increased scrutiny under the spotlight.

Today’s institutions face unprecedented challenges which are forcing them to reconsider many of their established business processes. The financial crisis of 2007 to 2010 took a substantial toll on the profitability of banks and other institutions, and many are still in the process of recovering. Subsequent scandals such as the LIBOR affair have further damaged the industry’s credibility and undermined consumer trust.

To help mitigate these issues and restore confidence in the financial services industry, government and industry regulators have introduced a host of new recommendations. Although these reforms have the potential to improve the overall health of the financial services industry, they are also creating new compliance issues for individual organisations.

In this paper, we will explore the impact of new domestic and international regulations, such as Basel III, on banks and the banking system. We also will consider content management and decisioning strategies that can help organisations address these challenges, so they can turn compliance issues into new business opportunities. To read more, click here to read Daniel Almenara’s full report.