One-stop business intelligence service for SMEs

Max FirthExperian has been working hard to make its business information more accessible to small and medium sized firms (SMEs). This week we announced the most significant step so far in that journey.

We’ve just launched Business Express, a new online tool to help SMEs find new customers and markets, protect themselves from financial risk, improve their own credit rating and operate with greater certainty from knowing precisely with whom they are dealing.

Specifically designed to make doing business easier, Business Express combines our extensive data insight and business understanding to put a wealth of vital information at the fingertips of busy SMEs.

New customers and markets

Business Express enables businesses to profile their customers and find prospects with similar characteristics. Users have instant access to our huge databases of fresh online marketing information, enabling them to identify the prospects and markets they should target to fuel growth. It also helps users build and clean their existing records, to ensure they are complete and up-to-date.

Protect your business from financial risk

Business Express reduces the threat of non-payment with a new credit report specifically designed for SMEs. Users can credit check a business or a person with confidence, knowing the report is based on the most complete and up-to-date information available.

Our new Ledger Manager tool, included within Business Express, reviews users’ debtor books to identify customers at high risk of paying late or defaulting. This allows SMEs to prioritise credit control and payment collections activities. Ledger Manager is compatible with Sage sales-ledger software, and will be adapted for other popular packages over the next couple of months.

Check and improve your own credit rating

Business Express also helps businesses check, understand and manage their own credit ratings. There are often some simple things businesses can do to ensure they present the most complete picture they can, and by so doing improve their score. This can often help them negotiate more favourable terms when dealing with suppliers and other creditors.

Be certain of who you are dealing with

Finally, Business Express helps SMEs meet fraud prevention, compliance, Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering due diligence requirements. It helps users trace debtors, verify that identity documents presented are genuine and check the credentials of potential employees.

Easy-to-use, great value and backed up with full support from our dedicated customer service team, Business Express helps SMEs guard against financial and people risk, grow through more effective marketing and achieve the best position for securing finance.

It’s a major step forward in how we serve Britain’s SMEs. Make sure you check out our free trial.