Partnership unveiled with innovative new online gaming platform Jaro

Jaro is aiming to become the world’s largest single annual fund-raising initiative offering prize money of $1 billion.

We are providing the new charitable e-gaming concept with identity verification services to help authenticate the age and identity of its users. Our automated identity verification tools Prove-ID and ID Manager, are integrated into the Jaro platform, to enable operators to quickly and easily check players’ identities – in real-time.

The partnership will ensure Jaro can counteract identity fraud and underage gaming, while also guaranteeing the integrity and fairness of the tournament. Jaro will also be able to select which criteria it checks against, making sure that identity verifications are accurate and robust.  The purpose-built interface also delivers simplified results, to highlight if there is a problem in the verification process. By determining the authenticity of customers, fraud will also be mitigated.

Jaro is a very exciting new concept and we look forward to working in close partnership to deliver the identity validation process while also reducing any risk of fraud. The online gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and with increased competition in the market, it is more important than ever for online businesses to reduce the length of time and margin for error that occurs during player verification and customer transactions. Set against a backdrop of increased regulatory scrutiny, Our ID verification services will help operators like maintain the highest regulatory integrity.