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Welcome to our fully interactive fraud analysis. It covers all the latest fraud statistics and insights, including how, who and where it’s taking place, alongwith an overview of new and emerging trends. Simply click the graphs and charts to explore the information and generate critical insights.

fraud dashboard

Analysis by product
A host of innovative cross-matching techniques, the intelligent and critical application of key datasets, are combined to continue to inform and create a comprehensive picture of emerging fraud trends and their impact right across the UK. The chart shows fraud by financial product type with year-to-year average percentage differences highlighting detected frauds as a percentage of applications.

Who are the fraudsters?
Our first party fraud Mosaic analysis shows the demographic group committing the first party fraud, while the third-party analysis highlights the segments that are largely falling foul of ID theft.

Mosaic offers a pin-sharp picture of today’s UK customer, reflecting the latest societal trends. More than 850 million pieces of information are condensed using the latest analytical techniques to identify 15 summary groups and 66 detailed types that are easy to interpret and understand. In April 2014, an updated set of classifications were unveiled to give our clients new and improved insights into emerging trends and behaviour, along with the capability to seamlessly understand key demographic segments across regional and digital locations.

Fraud hotspots
Our innovative heat-maps demonstrate the proportion of first and third party fraud that’s taking place in the UK’s regions.

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