Experts on #FutureofID – Is privacy a possible stumbling block for this project of global digital identity coverage?

Digital identity is a topical debate that has sparked people’s views. Experian debated this subject recently and commentary from the audience offered invaluable insight into concerns and beliefs when it comes to transforming identity through a digital era.

It was clear innovation doesn’t necessarily suit everyone and whilst advances in technological innovation are being made daily, some people will adopt the elements they feel are right for them. Some however, feel it is the responsibility of society to manage identities to create a solid, safe and secure proxy of themselves. What was clear from the comments was that data is a sensitive subject. Privacy and autonomy are linked but how can you have privacy without security, and security without authentication? A valid point?

There was one compelling message that came from the audience: trust. Is it there? Can it be there? Others championed the need for coercion whilst others questioned the reality of it.

It is fair to say that like Richard commented that it’s a challenge due to its sensitivity but can be addressed? Or not?

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