Savings accounts fraud rates continue to rise

Savings accounts have seen a steady uplift in attempted fraud rates within the past two years. During the latter part of 2012, a total of 12 fraudulent applications in every 10,000 were detected – up from around eight in every 10,000 during 2011.

With interest rates continuing to be low, some first-party savers are now also attempting to make the most of their funds by applying for multiple numbers of ISAs.

It is clear third-party identity fraudsters also continue to be responsible for the vast majority (85%) of fraudulent activity in the savings sector as fraudsters try to use savings accounts as a Trojan horse, a sleeper product, or so-called savings mules, as a point of entry to other credit products.

ID theft remains prevalent with victims largely among the highest earners as they still represent the richest pickings for fraudsters.

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