Say hello to the right customers – and make it snappy

Imagine being able to increase customer acquisition, protect you and your customers against fraud and save money.

Our AutoDoc-ID document verification service can help you balance customer expectations with slick, friction-free authentication that is compliant and a superb anti-fraud measure, appropriate to the level of risk in your business. It also reduces lengthy manual, paper-based processes. 
AutoDoc-ID scans and stores document images for audit purposes, reducing manual, paper-based processes.
It also streamlines your document checking thanks to its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology which reads identity or address data allowing you to call automated ID Verification services for a straight-through customer Identity check.  AutoDoc-ID enhances acceptance processes by allowing your customers to scan and send images of their identity documents, meaning the online sign-up is quick and straightforward.

The platform also helps protect you from fraud and individuals using fake identity documents with automated data capture and document verification using image and text recognition technology.

To see AutoDoc-ID in action, watch our demo by clicking here.