SEPA Ready survey results answer to Question 3

In our survey to over 260 corporate treasurers we asked ‘What sort of support do those responsible for SEPA migration recieve from key decision makers in relation to the SEPA issue?

19.6% of respondents consider themselves to be ready to implement their SEPA solutions.

18.7% have not yet identified anyone within their organisation who has responsibility for investigating or implementing any solutions.

More concerning still is that 48.1% of respondents still have a low level of awareness, with low levels of interest and are not in a position to make any changes to support SEPA (these cover the following responses: Interested but not ready to move 16.8%, Growing interest 1.9%, Moderate interest 1.4%, Slight interest 2.8%, Not interested 6.5%and No one responsible for SEPA 18.7%).

51.9% of respondents are considered to be fully aware of SEPA and are actively planning and preparing for SEPA.

With the end dates a little over a year away, it is concerning that almost half of respondents are not yet fully aware and actively planning. It would seem that there is crucial work to be done in educating users of euro payments.