Silver surfers catch the digital wave

New research shows that nearly 2.3 million Brits, aged between 70 and 100, now use internet banking.

Findings published by the British Bankers’ Association also reveals more than 450,000 over-60s are happily using banking apps on smartphones and tablets. The figures highlight how the drive to digital finance is not just the domain of younger tech-savvy consumers on the look-out for innovative, fast and safe ways to bank.

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Bank Wizard Absolute

Clearly it’s now more important than ever to scrutinise the customer journey, ensure it meets the specific demands of all demographics and consider how your customers choose to interact. Do your technical capabilities provide customers with a seamless experience, while still achieving the necessary authentication and fraud security checks?

Is your digital journey simple and easy to follow?

Sophisticated device intelligence and a multi-layered strategy will help you implement robust fraud management practices in a way that is not detectable to genuine customers and will not disturb or complicate the digital customer journey.

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