The future of work: Leading the way in background checking

As many business and HR professionals think about the future of work, they’re looking at ways in which they can get ready for it now and stay on top of latest trends and ways to improve efficiencies. That’s why this year Experian’s background checking experts will be addressing some of these issues at the Future of Work Summit 2018.  

The conference brings together leading professionals to discuss some central themes and will help delegates to future-proof their business. The programme will be centred around four key themes:

  • Disruptive technologies: How are AI, automation and digital technologies transforming the nature of work and the role of HR? What do executives and HR professionals need to do now to prepare their business for a data-driven, automated future?
  • Rethinking job roles: The traditional nine-to-five job is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. What can employers learn from the gig economy? And how can alternative work arrangements be utilised to achieve higher employee satisfaction?
  • Engaging the workforce of the future: Employees increasingly behave like ‘consumers of jobs’, expecting more flexibility, responsibility and meaning in their work. How can companies keep up with this trend and avoid losing out on talent?
  • Skills for the future: What skills does the employee of the future need? How should companies adjust their recruitment and training now to future-proof their business?

Experts from Experian Background Checking will be involved in key debates surrounding these themes and will be talking about how technology is driving efficiencies in checking employees’ backgrounds and enabling companies to provide a more positive candidate journey. Solutions already available such as the Experian Right to Work app will also be demonstrated and discussed as to how it can already help streamline employee onboarding, while providing flexibility and adherence to UK employment.

The conference will offer case studies and practical examples presented by professionals who are pioneering novel approaches to work. Delegates will have the chance to discuss current issues and practical problems with experts on the future of work and engage in interactive knowledge-share sessions.

Experian background checking specialists will be available throughout the conference to share views on why businesses are already outsourcing their employee screening. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss how they can improve efficiencies and future-proof their business with current and upcoming solutions.

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