Underpinning fund-raising support for thousands of charities and community groups

Localgiving.com is one of the UK’s primary website for small, local charities and community groups. It’s a platform where they can create a webpage, receive online donations, post opportunities for volunteers and benefit from significant match funds promotions.  More than 3,000 groups are already on the site and over £3.75 million has been raised.

Localgiving.com is growing rapidly having increased the number of charities on the platform by 200 per cent in 2012. Funds going through the site have similarly increased by more than 400 per cent in the same period. All groups on the site must be validated to ensure they are authentic charitable organisations, run by responsible individuals and do not pose a security risk to donors or to Localgiving.com.

With a grant from the Office of Civil Society in 2012, Localgiving.com has used Experian Authenticate solution to perform background checks on named signatories of an organisation to verify the person’s identity and establish that they do not pose a security risk. It is a key part of Localgiving.com’s bespoke validation process which also includes research with Community Foundations, local knowledge, and the use of central systems.

The information provided by Experian is invaluable to Localgiving.com as it supports the process which allows many small, unregistered groups access to funding and the benefit of Gift Aid through its website.

Colin Brice, of charity Eden People, Surrey, said: “By joining Localgiving.com we have received excellent funding support, being a member gives us additional benefits as potential supporters know that Localgiving.com is a network of reputable charities and a place where they can see what activities we are up to through our webpage.”

The validation process underpins Localgiving.com’s commitment to inspire confidence and trust in supporters and donors who wish to give to the charities and groups on the platform. Localgiving.com undertakes to validate all local charities and unregistered groups. Experian’s Identity and Fraud package is a vital constituent of the process.

Results include:

• A 97% pass rate on checks.
• Increased confidence in Localgiving.com.
• Improved overall efficiency in getting charities and groups on the site.
• Improved customer service for both charities and donors.
• Accelerated the process for getting charities online by 300 per cent.

Authenticate is used in Localgiving.com’s central validation process. As soon as key details are submitted, an identity check is performed. Data provided by the visitor is matched against information held on Experian’s databases, quickly flagging up any suspicious activity that could indicate identity fraud, account takeover, or a bogus address.

A near-instant approval decision is returned which gives Localgiving.com confidence that its client is genuine, helps safeguard them against fraud and completes a speedy and easy online transaction to underpin customer satisfaction and cement Localgiving.com’s reputation as a responsible provider.