Oct 2016 | Marketing Solutions | Marketing

Helping an online tour operator grow their cross-channel marketing activity using Experian data and customer insight.

“With Experian’s support we can look at our data segments more closely and see which ones are over performing or over represented. We can then refine these segments further ready for the next mailing.”
– Charlie Bateson, Head of Sales and Marketing, Best at Travel

As an online business with 19 websites, the majority of Best at Travel’s marketing was web focussed. With ambitions to grow the business, this meant that they also needed to evolve their marketing strategy.


Previously, using tools like Google PPC and search engine optimisation, Best at Travel quickly became more analytical after realising they couldn’t grow whilst using their current methods. A 2-3 year plan was put in place to reactivate old clients snd gain more new business, using the logical step of targeting customers through more channels, build their database, engage with their audience more effectively and all whilst reducing costs.


Experian profiled Best at Travels’ database, helping the online tour operator to focus their marketing time and budget on the strongest areas of their data to drive more sales whilst reducing costs. The report, created quickly by Experian, contained detailed information on customer characteristics, lifestyle and buying behaviour in order to target promotions and offers to specific groups.

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