Royal Trinity Hospice is the United Kingdom’s oldest hospice, founded in 1891. It is located in Clapham Common, London, England and reaches out to seven London boroughs. Royal Trinity Hospice prides itself on providing specialist palliative care, support, information and advice to patients and those close to them.

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Royal Trinity Hospice is the United Kingdom’s oldest hospice and provides specialist palliative care.

With increased public awareness of fundraising activity, Trinity needed to ensure that their data was accurate so that they only mail correct addresses and ensure they meet the necessary data protection requirements.  Whilst Trinity’s data is regularly updated internally and addresses are postcode matched with Royal Mail when they are set up, the on-going updating of those who have changed address was more sporadic.

Trinity recognised that it is vitally important to regularly review the quality of their data. Being a hospice they ran the risk of upsetting bereaved relatives if their data quality was poor and inappropriate letters were sent (mailing a deceased person’s family). If this happens it could potentially stop donations and support to the charity.


As part of Trinity’s on-going aim to ensure that they have accurate information, are cost effective in their communications and are only mailing those people who want their newsletter the need to have a full data cleanse was the first step towards this goal.

In 2016 the Head of Fundraising at Trinity Marc Stowell approached Experian Data Quality with regards to a data cleanse. Trinity have a fundraising database of 38 thousand individual records and 8 thousand business records and required these to be cleaned.

The data they wished to cleanse was chosen because it was a list of individuals who Trinity send regular newsletters and updates. Trinity have seen mail returned, and inaccurate or duplicate addresses in the past. Both email and address cleansing was carried out as well as providing Trinity with mosaic data. Together with Experian Data Quality Trinity were able to improve the quality and accuracy of their data.


The main impact of having cleaner data means Trinity will be able to reduce waste and costs by alleviating unwanted mail. From a charity perspective, cost savings equal more spend on charitable activities. In addition, now that clean data exists on the main supporter database, the charity can commence integration of other event specific contact details where the appropriate data protection has been sought. The need to ensure that they started with clean data was imperative.

The work that has been undertaken by Experian Data Quality has been most helpful. Now that this particular exercise has been completed, Trinity can move on to further appropriate analysis with the overall aim of continuing to deliver a positive experience for all our supporters. The less waste of mailing unknown and gone away’s means that we can direct more philanthropic support towards the care and support provided to our patients, their families and carers.

Marc Stowell Head of Fundraising, Royal Trinity Hospice