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Recently, I have been speaking about the importance of digital segmentation.

Well earlier this week I was delighted to be asked to appear on the BBC’s Breakfast Show to talk about the findings of our new segmentation tool, Mosaic Digital.

As I explained live on TV (not nerve-wracking at all, honest) the work we’ve done with Mosaic Digital has exposed a population separated into three – with high, moderate and low users of data-driven, digital devices. This means that when it comes to our digital habits, we’re a nation of dawdlers, devotees and day-to-day doers.

By combining consumer surveys, together with measurement of web traffic and geo-demographic databases, a clear picture of how engaged the population is emerged.

In a world where consumers online and offline activities are increasingly integrated it can be difficult for organisations to know how to best engage with their target audiences. Individuals choose to engage at a time and via a channel that best suits them with millions leveraging the power of the internet to make a multitude of life’s decisions.

Only by understanding how consumers are living their lives online can organisations define effective multi-channel strategies on how to communicate and interact with their audience.

Brands are constantly being challenged to deliver tailored messages to each individual customer, regardless of which channel or device they’re using at the time. There is a huge amount of technology available to brands and the ability to communicate with customers through online and offline channels has never been greater.

What’s more, the sheer volume of data being produced in the online environment is staggering, you can build quite sophisticated and robust profiles of individuals and customer types using a mixture of first and third party data. But as you consider the possibilities of this environment it’s worth asking– is your data telling you the whole story?

What Mosaic Digital is able to do is to provide a deeper understanding of Britain’s digital landscape. It demonstrates, once again, that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to modern marketing is never going to be able to keep up burgeoning demand for a seamless customer experience.

Experian’s Mosaic Digital provides comprehensive insights into the digital lives of consumers, their attitude to new technology, device ownership and online competency in today’s hyper-connected world and complex channel mix.

These insights are consolidated in to 11 groups that are defined by their differing online behaviours, channel preference, technology adoption and social activity.

For marketers this information is priceless. Only by understanding your customers are you able to communicate with them effectively.

To find out more about Mosaic Digital, click here.

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