Couple planning their finances in the kitchen

The cost of living crisis is having a significant impact on consumers and businesses up and down the country

How behaviours change will be a combination of their attitudes and confidence coupled with the impact on their consumer spending power. Changes are affecting some sections of society more than others. To explore this further, Experian partnered with YouGov to host two webinars focusing on the cost of living.

Within the webinars we explore underlying trends and how different groups are likely to be impacted followed by a deep dive into financial services trends.

If you missed our latest insights webinars, you can watch them on-demand below.

Webinar 1

In the first webinar we focus on consumer confidence and attitudes and how consumers believe they will be able to cope with the increased financial pressures. We also assess the further downstream impacts on the different sections of society to demonstrate how resilient certain groups are to increasing financial pressures and what it will mean to disposable incomes and discretionary spending.

Webinar 2

The second webinar has a specific lens on the financial services sector assessing current consumer trends and attitudes. We then explore how the financial situation will likely affect certain financial products take up given the squeeze on consumer spending power. We also take a closer look at the trends around the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) market and how ESG investments (or ‘sustainable investments’) are being considered by consumers.

Throughout the webinars, there were a number of questions that were asked by those who attended live. To ensure every question was answered, we’ve combined all the responses in one document. Download the questions and answers now.

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