Using data to put the customer first

That’s what brands need to get used to doing. Upcoming regulation is exactly the excuse brands need to put their customer first and it’s through the use of data that they will be able to do it.

Following the success of our ‘The Power of Data’ partnership, Experian and The Drum have teamed up again, this time focusing on the need for Responsible marketing.

Recent Experian research shows that consumers are happy to share data with brands as long as they can see value in doing so. In recent years, marketers have harnessed the power of technology to drive an improved relationship with their customers. More devices mean more touchpoints and the more connected the world gets – increased WiFi, bandwidth and 4G – the easier it is to stay in touch constantly (or ‘always on’).

Brands and marketers have used these different touchpoints and availability to a variety of success. However, data hasn’t been part of that strategy, until now.

If brands understand and embrace GDPR; what it stands for and the behaviour it encourages, they will thrive. This is because they will be able to build a much better quality relationship with their customers that will be based on integrity, transparency and honesty. Consumers want that sort of thing. Brands benefit from providing it. The regulation demands it.

Brands need to adopt a compliance led and responsibly executed approach to data strategy. By doing this they will be in a better position to deliver the customer experience they want to deliver and the consumer wants to see.

For a closer look at Experian’s recent research into the value exchange access the results here.

To read more about Experian’s view on GDPR download the white paper Defining the Data Powered Future, Experian’s guide to EU GDPR, here.

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