Better understanding customer profiles to redefine and grow the market.

Sweaty Betty entered the sports retail marketing industry in the UK with a focus on women’s active wear and customer desires for style and well-being.

“The ‘Experian experience’ has given us confidence to continue our expansion. Their numbers have helped to confirm our gut feelings about potential new markets, with the right type of customers in enough volume.”
– Emma Thornton, Retail Director, Sweaty Betty


Having developed an aggressive marketing strategy for ten years, Sweaty Betty were looking to open a further ten stores and required guidance on the best retail locations to meet their growth targets.


Working with Sweaty Betty, Experian helped the organisation develop a ‘Customer Insight and Store Analysis’ project. This focussed, consultative approach helped them create a detailed understanding of who their customers were currently, but also break down purchase value, number of products purchased, product type and spend frequency.

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