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Jun 2017 | Marketing Solutions | Marketing

Team London Bridge: Understanding customer spending habits to guide future retail and leisure strategy

Team London Bridge is a Business Improvement District (BID) dedicated to providing services, projects and events to benefit the businesses and employees located in and around London Bridge. Funded by rate-paying organisations in its area, Team London Bridge was created in 2005 and is a
fully independent and not-for-profit Limited Company.

“The work with Experian Marketing Services gave us a much clearer view of the types of people who visit the London Bridge area and what they spend their money on. This valuable insight will help us to understand the opportunities and challenges we face as we continue to work hard to benefit the businesses and workers.”
– Donald Campbell, Place Marketing Manager, Team London Bridge


Charged with looking after the interests of businesses in the local area, Team London Bridge required a thorough knowledge of the behaviours and demographics of its customers in order to understand where there are gaps and where future opportunities may lie.


Experian Marketing Services was able to provide all the insights Team London Bridge required using its Card Data Insight (CDI) and Mosaic consumer classification.

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