Winterberry Group has recently released “Collaborative Data Solutions: Data and Identity in the Era of Permission” a whitepaper on data collaboration, surveying 75 brand marketers and interviewing 50 senior industry experts in the US and Europe. 

Experian is proud to sponsor the report, as the critical thinking supporting the research and its main findings will play an important role defining upcoming actions in the arena of data collaboration. Businesses collaborating with data is not a new concept; Experian has been at the centre of this world for over 40 years, proving that organisations working together to securely share data and insights creates value and delivers benefits for consumers.   

This report looks to the future – who will participate, how will it work and how will it grow.   

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We strongly believe the future of digital media is centred around solutions that will leverage data collaboration, bringing supply and demand to the same table, and most importantly focusing around consumers data privacy, transparency and control. 

“It is great to be supporting The Winterberry Group and the Collaborative Data Solutions report.  Data has increasing value in our world today – benefiting economies but critically benefiting the lives of consumers every day.  How that data is used and who has access to it is more important than ever and Experian is proud to be at the forefront of the thinking and action in this space.  Experian Match is just one example of a solution right for its time – privacy safe, with total consumer control at its heart and enabling media & brands to engage consumers effectively without the need for 3rd party cookies.”
Colin Grieves
Managing Director, Experian Marketing Services UK and Ireland

Experian Match is a key solution in the data collaboration space. A privacy-centric identity solution built on InfoSum’s data decentralised infrastructure, it helps publishers increase audience addressability and allows advertisers to identify and reach their best value prospects easily, without relying on third party cookies.