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Planning and executing consistent global marketing campaigns

As a greater number of brands are looking to expand their operations globally, there is increased demand for high quality audience intelligence to help plan from both a location investment and an effective campaign planning perspective.

In order to do this effectively, organisations need a consistent basis on which to define their target audiences – one that allows them to easily and quickly compare audience potential within countries, but also across borders. Traditionally, international consumer insight has been fragmented, making it a long and difficult process to build a structured multi-market plan.

Experian Worldview covers over 90 countries, providing consistent consumer insight to define and locate target audiences. The insight can be used in isolation or enhanced with local insights, such as research, mobility or point of interest data to develop effective marketing strategies across markets.

Worldview Segments are available to activate immediately via many agencies and media buying platforms, ensuring that global brands can direct marketing activity towards those most likely to be interested in their products.

International expansion offers real growth potential but can be costly if not focused in the right areas. Based on our experiences of supporting global brands and agencies with relevant consumer insight, we’ve summarised our top 5 recommendations for organisations looking to get the most out of their global marketing activity:

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WorldView from Experian

Experian WorldView is the first solution to deliver an aggregated socio-demographic dataset at a grid level of 250m by 250m consistently across multiple countries. It offers immediate access to consistent, consolidated, geographic data concerning population, age, gender, income, and expenditure plus a global segmentation. As a result, WorldView enables you to make effective decisions about your international growth strategy, from location planning to consumer marketing activities.