10 gifts for 5 unique audiences: Your Christmas gift guide

Before we get to our gift guide, here’s a brief update on the hottest products from the week including Cyber Monday. ‘Pie Face game’ unseated ‘Fitbit’ as the hottest product last week and in fact, occupies two spots among the top 20 branded product search variations. Two streaming devices, the ‘Amazon Fire stick’ and ‘Chromecast’ also made the list reflecting the increasing popularity of streaming online video directly to a television set. The ‘PS4’ and ‘Xbox One’, despite this being both gaming console’s third Christmas, are still performing strong.

Top 20 hot products
Weeks ending December 5, 2015

Top 20 products
Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise


The story this week in the toy department is the battle between the Pie Face game and the Tomy Foam Cone Factory bath toy. Pie Face occupies two spots at the top of the list, but the Foam Cone Factory has three spots with different variations.

This chart shows the 10 most searched for toys and games based on search clicks to Toys “R” Us – UK.

Top 10 hottest toy searches
Week ending December 5, 2015

Top toy searches
Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

Gift Guide

When it comes to buying Christmas presents, some individuals are easy to shop for while others require a bit of inspiration. And when consumers need inspiration, consumers turn to the Web. Searches for ‘gifts for’, ‘gift guide’ and ‘gift ideas’ grow increasingly common as we get closer and closer to Christmas with peak search activity around this topic typically observed during the last full week before Christmas, which this year would be the week ending Saturday 19 December.

Gift idea-related searches as a share of all weekly searches
gift idea searches

Source: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

Some of the most common gift recipients mentioned in gift guide-related searches are: ‘men’, ‘him’, ‘her’, ‘mum’, ‘boys’ and ‘girl’. But shoppers are also frequently looking for suggestions on the perfect gift for someone very specific interests, such as ‘gamers’, ‘cyclists’ and ‘cat lovers’ as well as specific types of gifts, like ‘luxury’ or ‘personalised’.

Top variations of ‘gifts for’-related searches
Week ending November 28, 2015

Gifts for word cloudSource: Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise

The following gift guide, derived using our new AudienceView platform, was designed to highlight for you, as a marketer, the interests and preferences of key consumer segments so that you can more effectively tailor your campaigns to be more relevant and engaging. But if it also helps you, as a consumer, come up with the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, then even better!

Each gift guide contains a representative mix of search terms that were performed at above average rates by each audience segment during the four weeks ending November 28, 2015. They include a mix of product and retail brands and provide a good idea of the interests, style preferences and lifestyles of each audience.

  1. Millennials: ages 18 to 34
Millenial searchesSource: Experian Marketing Services’ AudienceView


  1. Affluents: annual household income of £50,000 or more
affluent searchesSource: Experian Marketing Services’ AudienceView


  1. Gadget lovers: visit top tech review sites
gadget loversSource: Experian Marketing Services’ AudienceView
  1. Rugby and Football fans: visit rugby and football sites
 rugby fansSource: Experian Marketing Services’ AudienceView
  1. Adele fans: searched for Adele
adele fansSource: Experian Marketing Services’ AudienceView

Learn more about how AudienceView can deliver unparalleled insights into your consumer audiences so that you can deliver better brand experiences.