Global survey results – revealing the top challenges and top priorities for senior marketers in 2015

This article is just a snapshot of some the insights and data on offer in the 2015 Digital Marketer Report. Click here to download your copy for free.

In our recent global survey we asked senior marketers from around the world what their biggest challenges and priorities were for the year.

Branding and the ability to tell a brand story was the biggest challenge with 49 per cent of leaders citing it as an issue. This is telling when you consider in last year’s survey only 39 per cent of senior leaders flagged it as such.

In the era of the modern day consumer, standing out from the competition by creating unique brand experiences that encourage retention and loyalty is imperative. Clearly senior marketers understand this, as 46 per cent of them also put it as a priority for the coming year.

Customer acquisition, which we didn’t include as an option last year, was the second-biggest challenge – reported by 45 per cent of the senior leaders in our study.  Fewer, however, name this as a top three priority (36 per cent).

marketing challenges

Senior marketers highlighted ‘branding’ as the top challenge for 2015. Click the image to download the full report

Understanding the customers they already have (and translating that understanding into relevant interactions, which was named as a challenge by 39 per cent) is a higher-priority cited by 43 per cent of the senior leaders as a 2015 focus.

Interestingly, marketing automation and having the right technology to orchestrate customer interactions is fifth on the list of challenges, which is lower than you may have expected considering the glut of marketing tech available and the importance of adopting a strategic approach to allocating budget  – it is, however, identified as the third highest priority (36 per cent).

Top priorities

Senior marketers also highlighted ‘branding’ as the top priority for 2015. Click the image to download the full report

Automation is key in delivering true cross-channel campaigns. It enables the marketer to create complex communications once, test as appropriate, track results for measurement and optimise accordingly. The more advanced we get, the more automated technology will help power decisions to help lessen the burden on the marketers and allow data and analytics to drive real-time decisioning and personalisation.

It seems senior leaders realise the requirement to improve execution of real-time, trigger-based cross-channel campaigns and understand that technology facilitates every part of the process from data collection and management to those orchestrated and automated interactions.

marketing automation

31% of senior marketing leaders named marketing automation as a top challenge – click on the image to download the report.

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The 2015 Digital Marketer Report is based on a survey of more than 1,000 digital marketers worldwide.

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