The Power of Data – Marketing intelligence is about turning insight into action

The below video was created in partnership with The Drum. Click here to view the first installment which covered how to understand modern customers.

Consumers are creating so much data and that can be a blessing and a curse for marketers. How can you cut through the noise and be heard above the crowd?

How can you make sense of all that information?

Consumers expect brands to be joined up. They expect them to understand them. Due to this expectation marketers must be able to refine their messages. They need to be relevant and in order to do that they need to understand their customers.

Personalisation as a technique is hardly new, in fact 86% of marketers are intending to personalise their marketing to some extent (Experian 2015 Personalisation Report) this year. But personalisation could be as simple as first names or subject lines. In order to be the brand that delivers the right message at the right time marketers need those messages to be as relevant as possible.

Get it right and you’ll be rewarded – but it’s important you get it right. No slap dash approach here.

Intelligence begins with an understanding of data. Who the customer is, what they’re interested in and how they engaged with you.

That cannot just be an intellectual exercise. We need to turn that insight into action. Create campaigns and messages based on our insight that lead to an action. That is true marketing intelligence.

The digitalisation of our culture has lead some big questions about the data we collect. It’s not hard to collect vast swathes of data but it is critical that marketers think about how they use data in the eyes of the consumer.

How are they going to use it? Is it going to add value to the relationship with the consumer?

What would the consumer think based on the knowledge of what you’re doing with their data.

We’re seeing so much information about consumers. It’s not easy – brands are becoming sluggish and unwieldy. We call it Infobesity. None of this is easy. In order to get it right the decisions you make about the software and platform you use is key. You need to get it right.

In order to cut through the noise and reach the consumer marketers need to remember that they are talking about people, not numbers or touch points. Take a flexible approach to how we communicate. Think time of day, relevance of message what channel? It’s incumbent on a brand to have an accurate view of the data they have on customers. So you can make the right decision about the messages you serve to them.Data

The most important thing for marketers to remember as they enter this space is quite simply – put the customer first. Marketing is all about trust and relationships.

We know that 87% of consumers have no issue with a brand using their data to personalise messages, as long as the content is relevant and adds value.

That’s what’s key.

The below video was created in partnership with The Drum. Click here to view the first installment which covered how to understand modern customers.

Experian Marketing Services helps bring brands and customers closer together.  Using our own industry data and analytical expertise we can help businesses build up an accurate and actionable understanding of their customers and using the Experian Marketing Suite technology, accurately engage with them.