Where are you on the digital wave? The importance of digital segmentation

Digital segmentation

Do you know how digitally engaged your customers are?

Today I was roused from my slumber by my sound system playing music by my favourite band from my cloud-based streaming account. The curtains opened after a few minutes, signalling it was time to get up.

When I walked downstairs my coffee machine had registered that I was awake and had a steaming pot of black coffee waiting for me.

Over breakfast I downloaded a digital copy of my favourite newspaper and completed the crossword on my tablet. Just before leaving the house I checked my share prices on my mobile and ordered my groceries on my laptop.

My phone had let me know that there were no delays or closures so I headed to the train station at a leisurely pace.

During the commute I logged into my work emails to make sure there wasn’t anything horrible waiting for me when I got there. Then, just before getting off the train I realised I’d forgotten to turn off the heating, so I did it remotely.

Just a normal morning right? Just an average start to the day for every single person up and down the country…

It would be easy to think when you read about the UK today that everyone lives their lives totally online, all using the latest technology and gizmos.

First-off I admit I wasn’t being entirely truthful with the description of this morning’s routine. I consider myself a relatively digitally savvy person but in no way do I exhibit even half of the behaviours I described in the opening few paragraphs. And I very much doubt all of you reading this do either.

So as marketers we have to take a step back and take a long hard look at our services and, more importantly, our customers. Just because we can use this top level new-fangled technology doesn’t mean we need to or indeed should.

The point is that the technological developments have outstripped the majority of the population. I may be able to get HD and 3D TV but I don’t fancy (or can’t afford) to buy a new television set every time a new service is released.

Some recent Experian research which I had the pleasure of being involved in shows that there are a huge spectrum of ‘digital savviness’ (I just made that word up). It’s not as simple as people who are up to speed and people who aren’t. The factors range widely and include access, usage and profession – and it all plays into the process of digital segmentation.

For instance there’s a major chunk of people who use technology intermittently in their day-to-day lives. They would probably use more and are not adverse to the idea but constraints outside their attitude towards technology restrict them (for instance me and my 3D TV).

In all we found there are 11 distinct digital groups in the UK population with each group behaving differently, using new technology in diverse ways and having widely differing access to and speed of services.

Digital Segmentation

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When considering your marketing strategy and product development it’s important to know which groups your customers and prospects sit in. This so called digital segmentation should sit alongside the more traditional geo-demographic segmentation as part of your audience research.

Know more about your customers in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your messaging and products. It’s simple. Understand how digitally engaged your customers to understand how digital segmentation can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing.

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