Festival of Marketing 2018 – The Highlights:

Festival of Marketing is the largest global event dedicated to marketers, offering a huge array of content sessions to help them discover new ideas on how to overcome their biggest challenges, and how they can apply this learning in the workplace.

Key themes at the event:

The event as always was packed with insightful sessions covering a wide breadth of themes. The main topics spread across the two-day agenda were:

  • Personalisation – although not a new challenge, it’s a challenge that’s been evolving for a few years, and something our Head of Customer Success, Debbie Oates, explored in one of our speaker sessions about creating consistent personalisation.
  • Brand loyalty and reputation – as predicted, brand perception in a post-GDPR world has been a hot topic for many marketers. Whether it’s about building brand trust and loyalty, or making sure we’re reaching consumers in a compliant, accurate way, marketers are more intent than ever on making sure the customers’ needs comes first.
  • How marketers can be more influential in their organisations – of course it’s great to come up with innovative ideas on how marketing can support your business goals, but if marketers lack influence, how can these ideas be adopted?? In our other session, Alastair Bulger explored how a key way marketers can achieve this is by using their unique position in their organisations to turn data into actionable insights.
  • And finally… when Louis met FOM – There was a great closing session on Day 1 with Louis Theroux on how to be a successful storyteller and journalist, and what we learnt was that all Louis really wants is to be liked.


 Our speaker sessions:

If you missed our speaker sessions, don’t worry. Here’s an overview:

Session 1:

From data-driven to insight-driven: using analytics and insights for deeper audience intelligence

This session by our strategic director, Alastair Bulger, explored the theme of insight-driven marketing. Alastair spoke about how the key to understanding consumers is not necessarily in just having data, but how that data can be analysed to apply meaningful and actionable insights. To understand a bit more about this you can read our blog post here.

Key takeaways:

The key message for this session was that being data-driven is great, but insights from that data is what drives outcomes:

  • Better consumer experience and improved engagement
  • Improved advertising; cost per acquisition and conversion rates
  • Supports a customer-centric business strategy
  • Allows marketers to take control and influence business outcomes


Session 2:

Consistent personalisation: the challenge of relevant and efficient cross-channel messaging

Our Head of Customer Success, Debbie Oates, delivered this session which focused on the main challenges marketers are facing when it comes to cross-channel personalisation. The statistics from our 2018 Digital Marketer Report for example showed that only 28% of marketers are personalising website experiences. Debbie also shed light on the idea of ‘data at the point of interaction’ and how using real-time data across some channels could help improve the consumer experience overall.

Find out more about how to improve your website personalisation

Key takeaways:

  • As we saw in Session 1 having the right insight is key; in this case when it comes to driving effective personalisation across channels
  • Understand how key audiences need to be messaged differently across the conversion funnel
  • Consider how you can implement data at the point of interaction to support the above
  • Responsible marketing and transparency should still always be at the heart of any activity

If you didn’t get a chance to talk to us at Festival of Marketing, contact us to find out more about how we can help improve your marketing strategy.