Which channels did global marketers use for Christmas 2014?

In September and October  Experian Marketing Services surveyed 379 marketers from around the world about their Christmas 2014 marketing activity. What follows is just one of the many insights that were gathered. The full report can be found here.

Festive Marketer Survey

How does your festive activity stack up against global marketers?

Most marketers would agree that cross-channel marketing and having a single customer view are two tactics that are becoming incredibly important. In a competitive modern marketplace not only do brands have to consider their competitors but they have to cater for an evolving consumer, the Always On Consumer, who is both demanding and discerning. Implementing a cross-channel strategy is a huge step towards being able to better cater for your customers’ needs – thereby giving you an advantage over the competition.

However, not everyone is quite there yet. With this in mind, and as part of our Global Festive Marketer Survey, we asked marketers which channels they planned on using this Christmas and to what extent those channels would be incorporated into a cross-channel approach.

Email remains key

Ninety-one per cent of marketers from around the globe planned to use email in their 2014 Christmas marketing campaigns. Not only was email the most popular channel for Christmas campaigns, it was also the most integrated channel. Forty percent of all marketers (68 per cent of those running cross-channel campaigns) planned to integrate email into their cross-channel festive campaigns.

Beyond email, websites and social media are the second and third most used channels. However, while more marketers planned to use websites than social, more planned to integrate social (61 per cent) than planned to integrate their websites (58 per cent).

Marketing channels

Email remains the channel of choice for marketers worldwide

For an example of how cross-channel marketing can help your brand, read this case study from Energy Saving Experts the Mark Group, who combined Data Enrichment, Facebook Advertising and Email Outreach and achieved some fairly astonishing results.

Marketing integration

Email, social and website are the three channels most integrated by marketers for Christmas campaign

Understanding which channels marketers use and integrate this season is just the first step in planning future marketing strategies. Some further insights from the survey include:

  • SMS text messaging is the most popular tactic for marketers surveyed using mobile this festive season
  • Twenty-nine percent of marketers surveyed using an ecommerce website this holiday will employ responsive design on their websites
  • 20 per cent of marketers surveyed enable consumers to share content socially both directly from email and on their websites

Click here to read the full Festive Marketer report.