The three crucial ingredients to joining up your data – SCVs, good analytics and the right expertise


A Single Customer View is crucial for brands wanting to take the next step in their marketing efforts

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The sheer of volume of data being produced every day by all us ‘Always On’ consumers means there is a huge amount of information available for marketers to use. Social signals, search history, online behaviour, cross-device activity, location…  The list goes on and it can get very complicated, very quickly.

However, the cross-channel approach is becoming the industry norm and increasingly it is what the consumer expects. One brand, one message. Regardless of channel. If a brand does not adopt this as best practice it will struggle against competitors that do.

The three crucial ingredients to getting a cross-channel view of customers are:

a) Achieve a Single Customer View b) Have good analytics c) Have access to the necessary expertise

Achieving the Single Customer View

The Single Customer View enables you to see customers as individuals across channels and devices. It requires a significant (yet thoroughly worthwhile) reassessment of your data and data handling processes and the creation of links between different data sources, bringing together all of a customer’s contact points into one view.  This is done by matching name, address and other identifiers such as email address and social media profiles, and creating a unique, consistent identifier for each individual.

This identifier is then appended to every item of data relating to that customer — allowing all data on an individual customer to be matched and brought together to create a single view or record of that customer.

You then have a picture of an individual, rather than disconnected contact points.

Watch this video to see how Virgin Money achieved a Single Customer View.

Good analytics

Knowing what’s going on (and where) is crucial. If you’re tryingg to optimise the way your data works across channels you need to make sure you have adequate analytics in place in order to help you optimise and deliver actionable insight.

It is through sophisticated online analytics that you can see who your best customers really are, where and how they spend their time, what motivates them and how to engage in more effective and profitable ways.

All campaigns should be driven by sophisticated analysis rather than guesswork.

Access to the necessary expertise

The first two requirements are complicated and difficult tasks which, while extremely beneficial in the long run, require a level of expertise to implement.

To operate successfully at this level you need to have access to the right expertise. Whether that’s hiring your own internal experts or working with a specialist data and analytics provider. Just be aware that attempting the above without the right level of understanding and expertise can lead to further problems.

Making your data work across channels and media is an on-going process and will form the cornerstone of all future marketing efforts. Getting it right in the early stages with the right foundations securely in place is crucial and for this you need to have the correct long-term goals in mind.

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